Unfortunately no one will like the answer to the above question. I know because I didn’t either.

YOU is the answer.

My first couple of months developing a healthy lifestyle was the most frustrating thing I have done. I wanted the weight to melt right off and right away. My opinion is we live in a very spoiled society. Things like food, attention and self gratification is so easily obtained. I was guilty of this feeling too. I look back now and wonder why I was in such a hurry. If this was now my lifestyle what did matter if I still had so long to go. Once I get to where my weight is off what will be waiting. Hostess? Does it mean I can just gorge myself on that too. Well, that’s where you have to decide. Is it a life style or just fix so you can say you tried? I decided to stick to the lifestyle. I made my decision.

I had to realize that I was ultimately responsible for everything I did or didn’t do. I was the one who fixed my meals, chose something else to do instead of the gym and plain just wanted to eat. Find the root of the problem and change it. Easier said than done. You can. Was I hungry, yes all the time. Do you know when you are hungry they purposely run those Burger King commercials with a dripping burger? Or McDonalds brings back the McRib? Or Halloween is in two weeks! Or maybe it’s your Birthday! Choose your vices. If it was my birthday, I would have cake. There was always an option. I would either make a healthy cake, have froyo or just have a small piece of pie or cake whatever. The rest of the week I would just go on. Eating should be healthy, but you have to allow for flexibility. I allowed myself to have certain things I wanted in place of what I should have, as long as I stayed true with gym workouts and foods other times. I found that if I did with out I didn’t want to continue. As far as that burger or McRib get someone to go with you, have a bite. See why you wanted it so much. Or just bite the bullet and tell yourself no. My taste buds have changed so much from the last couple of years, I don’t crave the same things. I look forward to my food, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you can’t like it.

I have discovered an obvious thought. I make my failures and successes. I am responsible for both. No one can make those decisions for me. Did I have days of failure. Absolutely. Everyday I had to tell myself that I could do this. I also have a confession to make, I am a creature of schedule, habits and certain OCD. My kids have a schedule and my days are the same. Which has helped immensely making a gym schedule. My daughters school is right next to my gym. I had a hard time coming up with reasons not to go. Today I have trainers, friends and people I look forward to seeing everyday. Classes are a great way to get exercise in when you can’t push yourself. I’ll talk more on this later.

I will do a complete blog about how I choose my meals next. I want make sure that I am inspiring the right frame of mind for someone who wants to do this like I did. I really just started with the right attitude and being responsible!