Yes I am still alive, didn’t think so a couple weeks ago, but I made it!

So let me start off by saying, I will try to not complain or whine through this blog post…I did say try! If it’s too much scroll down or skip it altogether ūüôā

I know it’s been a month since I have posted. ¬†I didn’t really think it has been as long as it has! ¬†Like everyone life gets busy, sometimes you are just stuck with the same schedule with 100 extra things thrown in.. ¬†In some cases it works and for other things it doesn’t. ¬†Again priority is the key.

What have I been doing the past month? ¬†Getting every virus going around! Taking care of sick people, still keeping with my workouts, doing all my regular wife/mother duties. ¬†I really don’t know other than that because everything has passed in a blur.

We had been given stomach bugs and bronchitis. ¬†I say given because I had to pick up my oldest from school on a day 6 children left before 8:30 am with the same symptoms! Oh boy, I didn’t realize what we were getting. ¬†It started with a fever, sore throat, headache, body aches, chills and a horrible burning your chest. ¬†The flu. Not the pukey flu, this was the flu virus. ¬†Needless to say I caught it, my husband and my son (whom recovered without any medicine surprisingly). ¬† Sufficed to say I didn’t recover without the need of lots of cold medicine, ibuprofen and predisone. ¬†This took me out for about two weeks. ¬†I literately lost two days I can’t remember, I slept for two days! ¬†My husband wasn’t in better shape but he went to the doctor early and they were able to get him tamaflu since we finally figured it out. ¬†It went in to bronchitis. ¬†I started on predisone (wish I didn’t have to), it helped with breathing but it was miserable. ¬†Struggling to breath is scary. ¬†It hurt to take a breath and coughing to exhale hurt. ¬†Also the side effects of the medication aren’t all that fun either. ¬†Steroids make you grouchy, hungry, shaky and bloated.

I finally started to feel like I could walk a good distance by day 8. ¬†I attempted to go to the gym. Running was out of the question. ¬†I did a spin class, I just rode the whole time with low resistance and kept my legs going. ¬†I was determined to last the entire class and I did. ¬†I came home and slept. ¬†The next day I attempted to run and had a coughing fit on the treadmill, lol. ¬†Sometimes my stubbornness outweighs my intelligence. ¬†I did my cardio dance class, low impact. ¬†Came home slept. I finished the week with muscle mix and another spin class. ¬†I was not up to par at all. ¬†My stamina was low and I was weak. ¬†Of course, you’re probaly all saying “Duh, you’re sick.” My mind was telling me we can’t just sit here anymore! My body wasn’t into it.

This was really humbling for me. ¬†Sometimes you take the days you are strong, determined, successful and things are easy for you, for granted. ¬†I was extremely frustrated. ¬†The medicine didn’t help either. ¬† I was brought back to a place, I had forgotten about. ¬†I don’t want to seem like a spoiled baby and that I don’t deal well with not feeling 100% day in and day out, but when you get used to feeling a certain way maybe it makes the situation seem worse. ¬†It made me remember the days of failure. ¬†It made me realize how tough it would be for someone else that couldn’t fix this problem. ¬†They had to live with breathing like this everyday. ¬†I watched my Grandma struggle with breathing issues, my whole life. ¬†She was a smoker. ¬†Otherwise she was one of the healthiest people I knew. ¬†She smoked in her teens and until she was in her sixties. ¬†After she quit, she saw the signs of what that had done to her body all those years. ¬†Her later years were filled with breathing treatments (3 different types), inhalers and medications. ¬†We would fear her getting pneumonia at least once if not twice a year. ¬†Emphysema took her life. ¬†I had asthma as a child, it was not fun. ¬†I couldn’t do sports before high school. ¬†In junior high I had a note from the doctor stating I had to walk all of the laps and mile runs. ¬†How embarrassing! ¬†No wonder I was out of shape and struggled with weight. ¬†I luckily grew out of it by high school was able to participate in sports. ¬†But when I get a bad cold lungs is the area it attacks. ¬†So to end this kind of depressing paragraph, stemming from these last couple of years ¬†of being so healthy to being this sick, drew up a lot of memories for me. ¬†I couldn’t imagine having this everyday of my life. ¬†God bless the people who do!

Another issue with us all being sick was we had to postpone our Easter dinner and I was sick on my birthday. ¬†Awww. ¬†It was very sad. I had a lot of guilt that day. No, not on my birthday, come on I didn’t want to get older! lol. ¬†Easter was a very quiet day here. ¬†I felt so bad for my kids. ¬†A day that is usually filled with family, egg hunts and playing out in the yard, was Mom and Dad camped out on the couch. ¬†The Easter bunny was smart and had everything ready the week before, but it wasn’t the same. Best part of the day though, my daughter received her very own bible. ¬†I was able to enjoy her reading to me out of it and finding the answers to her questions together. ¬†Even though we had push forward a week, it was still great. ¬†Besides I know someone else who sacrificed a whole lot more than I could ever imagine ūüėČ

Maybe I didn’t handle the couple weeks I was sick very well, but now that I am feeling much better, I am back to fighting to get back what I lost. ¬†This week has started off awesome! ¬†I rocked a spin class on Monday 27.5 miles in an hour I ¬†burned 711 calories! Stayed for a Zumba Toning class and burned another 588 calories! ¬†Tuesday another spin class 25 miles and 694 more calories burned! Plus my 1.5 mile run. ¬†I am back and I am better!! So thankful for my trainers!

For my birthday my husband gave me a Polar Heart Rate monitor. ¬†I love it! ¬†It syncs with the spin bikes, treadmill and the other cardio equipment at my Y. ¬†It records your heart rate, calorie burn, distance and times. ¬†Android has an app for my phone so I have it right with my music and everything! ¬†It’s so awesome. ¬†Watching my heart rate while I am working helps, I can tell if I am too high so I don’t die ūüôā and I know when I need to be working harder. ¬†I also am so thrilled with seeing the work I put out. ¬†Sometimes you just think you aren’t doing enough, but this is the proof you are staying on track. ¬†I put a link on the side for amazon if you want to take a look!

Before I got sick I started taking two classes on Friday. ¬†Yes, I am doing Zumba. ¬†Never thought I would say it, but I can do it. ¬†I still may look goofy but it’s a great workout and I have fun! ¬†So this week I added another class on Mondays, Zumba Toning. That one was really good! ¬†I remember telling my husband last year that I would never be in shape to take two classes in one day. ¬†Well…I am there. It’s fun and giving my body a change. ¬†Never thought I would be taking 7 classes a week! ¬†I am still not dropping weight, I think I am where I am meant to be and I have to be okay with it. ¬†Am I quitting? No way. I think with the tantrum I have thrown over the last couple weeks shows that this is my life now and will jump over whatever I need to in order to feel this way.

The other day I was sitting on my couch trying to think about getting back to blogging, I was re-reading them. ¬†I was shocked at myself and then I was disappointed in myself. ¬†Because in the last two weeks I had completely obliterated the person I am. ¬†Where was my patience? Where was my self control? Where was my happiness? Wow. Life just keeps on teaching doesn’t it? ¬†As I was reading, I inspired myself. ¬†Even though I got sick it was horrible but it was temporary. ¬†It didn’t seem like it at the time but I was going to get through it and I did. ¬†It was keeping me from doing the simple things and things that I love and that angered me. ¬†Yes I was hungry I really tried to keep that under control, but you can only do so much. ¬†I was dwelling on the negatives. ¬†I realized after I started getting a little better I would be able to make up for the time I missed at the gym. ¬†I needed to realize that if I am so focused on my health, my body needed rest to recover, I needed to give it resst. ¬†If I needed ice cream to soothe my throat or eat things that were not hard for me to fix (even if they were unhealthy), I had to put it aside and deal with consequences later. ¬†That is what this week is about. ¬†Getting back my groove and taking excess weight back off. ¬†Being accountable. ¬†I didn’t lose myself. ¬†I am still focused, because I am willing to come back. ¬†In the past I would have just kept on eating, finding those reasons to not be in the gym after I was better. ¬†I am taking back the control, because I can and I want to. ¬†Just because I can’t control everything, I am taking what I can control.

I hope I didn’t whine too much or you all think I’m crazy! Just another example of the fights you go through with life and things that can take you off of a path you want to stay on!

Thanks for reading! Hope everyone is healthy and enjoying this beautiful time of the year!!