I have a confession:

I am a creature of habit.

I haven’t quite figured out if it’s a good thing or a bad thing as far as weight loss goes. Here’s what I came up with as far as why it’s a good thing:

I eat the same breakfast every day, mostly the same lunches, fix family dinners and cut the portions at dinner time. Why do I eat the same things? Several reasons. I know exactly how much I can have, how much it will cost at the grocery store and I know my weight will come off and stay off. I also know if I ate too much of something where my mistake was, I can make adjustments or eliminate.

I am even in habit mode when I am at the gym! Every day I have a different class, but I work out the same days every week and get in the classes that start immediately after my youngest is on the bus in the morning. The trainers that are running the class change up the routines every week so it helps make my body work a different muscle group. I know when I’ve had a rough week as far as foods go, I know exactly how hard I need to hit it.

A little more on how weird I am. In the mornings when I wake up, coffee. No if, ands or buts that is an absolute. Once my coffee is done I have a banana. Once my two oldest are off to school I have a bowl of cereal with fat free milk (yes it is in the same bowl every day, sometimes the same spoon!). I know exactly how much to fill that bowl. Now don’t judge me, after breakfast I have a Diet Mt. Dew. I know, I know caffeine. However, I decided to have this option for the extra caffeine instead of a second cup of coffee. There are no calories in the Diet Dew, there are however in coffee creamer. I cannot drink black coffee.

For lunch. I do switch up my lunch options. But I prepare them same way. If I am making my fish and brown rice it is always under the broiler. No breaded fish or cooking it in oil. I change seasonings to add flavor and keep the nutritional value. Salads I get what I like: green leafy lettuces, kidney beans (or black), carrots, cucumbers, peas, cranberries, sunflower seeds (hulled, no salt) and sometimes I add cube cheese or cubed turkey. Dressing is used cautiously. Sandwiches wheat bread (whatever lower calorie wheat you can find, sometimes I find that whole wheat has more calories) turkey and miracle whip with lettuce and tomato. Chips on the side are usually baked or serving size of whatever is on the package.

Dinners are also randomized. Again, I cycle through things I know I can control. Dinners that are on a weekly cycle: Grilled chicken, tacos, spaghetti, and I love crockpot recipes because it makes my life easier! Now most crockpot recipes require high fat cream soups. As I have said before substitute the high calorie items! The grocery stores carry a variety of low calorie options. It tastes the same as far as I can tell!

So you’re probably asking yourself, how did this woman eat the same things for the past two years? Well, my answer, I didn’t really.

Let me ask you, what are your go to foods? If you are anything like me you have your favorite snacks right? Usually the same. Or you find a new recipe you have to try, so you make it. Fast food cravings are another example of having the same foods. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean you’ll get sick of it. I had to tell myself this. I am constantly trying to find a way to make things that were unhealthy before, so I can have them now.

I was eating the same foods over and over when I was overweight too! I just changed to healthier foods. Think of the last couple of weeks of fixing and eating dinners, do you repeat from week to week on some dinners or lunches? Whenever I watch a cooking show they’ll have a comfort food theme. Well, I guess you could say this is my comfort zone. I know what meals to have for me health wise and that my family can enjoy too. Sometimes they will beg for fried chicken, well that’s one I won’t cook anymore but sometimes I will work around where we can do take out and it won’t kill my entire week.

Another one of my habits, planning for days ahead when I know I’ll be out doing things with family or have an activity planned or just want to have a cheat meal. I will make sure I am keeping true through the week with foods and workouts, be able to enjoy a treat on a Friday or Saturday night. I look forward to those small things because I earned it and the work has already been done!

I know being a creature of habit as far as this journey is concerned it has helped me keep on track. I found a time in my schedule that would not disturb my kids, responsibilities and a time where I could tell myself this is a part of my day. Maybe this would be your secret to success too.

It took me awhile to figure out when I had to have an open mind for things that will change without warning, I learned to adapt. Case in point this week my facility is closed for cleaning. I will miss three classes, so I have opened myself up to another location. I went in did my thing and went home. Even though it wasn’t the same, I just did it.

Habits like anything else good or bad. If you choose to have the same habits that have gotten you nowhere that’s where you will stay. If you develop a new habit that gets different results, then you will be different.

Thank you all for reading!  I am working on some more subject matter!  I am hoping to incorporate more about others, not just myself!