Ok, I know it’s been a year! So sorry! Though many of you have been following me on Facebook and have been getting updates and have still supported me all this time.  So thank you very much for that.  I tried to switch my Blog to manage on Facebook and I really don’t like it.  So there may be a few entries on the there, I will try to start where I left off. For those that have missed what’s been going on let me catch you up!

I started teaching classes at the YMCA that gave me so much.  I ventured into Wellness as a Fitness Coach.  I am still in that role.  I have been currently working toward my personal training cert since October.  Teaching 5 classes a week and wellness too.  I love it all!

I have learned so much this past year about health, people, myself, relationship building and of course time management (still working on this one ;)).

I have been holding my weight steady.  I have gained more muscle so I have moved a little on the scale.  But I want to be strong and healthy, not light and weak.  This is a very hard thing to recognize.  I will fully admit I still do stress about foods, calories, weight, workouts.  However, I still try my hardest in workouts and accept when I fail on foods.  I have weeks that are very good and I have weeks that aren’t so good.  My goal from the beginning was to adapt to a different lifestyle.  I have stayed true to it, thankful to God.  Just because I am not as adamant about it as I was doesn’t mean I have put myself back to the way I was.  This is a true testament that you can see that when you start on a journey and follow through to the end, the end is where you want to be.  You chose, Do I continue or do I stop.  I never stopped.  Paused, reset, yes.  Stopped, nope.  Life is supposed to challenge, inspire and make you happy.

So here I am with two fitness models at the Arnold Expo.  I said to my husband before I went up to get my free protein powder, “I am going to look horrible next to them!”  Well of course, he says, “No you’re not that’s crazy!  Gah. Well, after I looked at the picture (besides the fact that I look stoned) I am surprised that, it’s okay. Let me explain.  I have changed the outside of my body by 150lbs, but I still have the mind set of a 300lb person on some days.  That’s why I strive to challenge my body physically every day, to squash those feelings.  It works, however, outside a comfort zone when people are in a competitive sport such as this, my mind takes over.  Don’t get me wrong I have grown with this issue this year, but sometimes it gets me again. Lol.  I really watch what I say to people. Because I would never want to offend someone complaining about my insecurities for people to look for some of their own.  There’s always going to be something you don’t like about yourself, heck maybe several things.  Some will change some won’t.  But you deal with as best you can with acceptance being part of the plan.17155691_10211981898448683_1995345800254619731_n

At the beginning of January, I needed a new goal.  I wanted to lean out.  I wanted to cut the rest of the fat that was hanging on and see if I could get to a low BMI.  Well, I lasted 8 weeks.  I was proud of that, but had to stop.  I will not share the diet that I chose, because the reason I had to stop was, my diet was so deficit ed I would fall asleep, couldn’t make it through my workouts, I was making unconscious mistakes and I would get really agitated before eating.  My problem was I was burning so many calories on my own workouts added to the classes I taught.  I wasn’t giving my body enough to burn to keep me from shutting down.  Lesson learned! I did look good for two weeks though!

New Goal: Healthy and strong, not skinny and weak!

As I said from the beginning, eat healthy and gym workouts.  I learned from trying the new goal why I had stated this fact.  Diets can be dangerous.  And do you know what happened after I came off the diet?  The 11lbs I lost in the first 2 weeks came right back on!  I realized right then, it only counts if you stay true to the nutrients your body needs so it can let that fat go when you burn them in your workouts.  You have to stick to all the time!  The occasional cheat day will not set you back if don’t let it.  But you have to stay consistent.  The weight will stay off if you do!

Some other changes that have been over this year, I have developed confidence as an instructor.  I overcame the nerves, self confidence issues and learned to have fun in my classes instead of worrying if I was doing everything right. I love my Core Focus classes!   I have several groups of people every week that I have gotten to know and have fun with!  They work hard to follow along and let me know when they like or dislike something.  If I can change it I do, if I can’t we make so they progress however they need to!  I love that it geared toward everyone.  13606885_10209696664479262_6995880649589775964_n

I am still teaching cycling.  I have one class a week now which is fine with me!  Gets my cardio in and still lets me get people moving!

My passion is to help others.  It always has been.   Just never knew what direction I meant to go.  I have been studying for a personal training certificate for several months (stay tuned on that).

Working with people on a daily basis toward fitness goals is so rewarding for me.  Now, the success stories I could tell you will sound minor but they are not to me.  It could be just acknowledging someone one day when they feel ignored by others around them.  It could be showing someone a stretch because they need to relieve pain.  Showing people how to do new things is fun and gives them confidence that they do them!  Sometimes just turning the channel on a tv will help them block out the time they hate on a treadmill!  If that’s what is important to them, glad I could help!  Is my job perfect, nope! But I really have turned a corner here in the last couple months that certain things are going to be challenge, like it or not I am just going do what I can to help.  Help inspires others to look at what they might need to help with also.  So in turn everything flows better.

If I helped you feel better just even for a day, physically or mentally, it gives me more drive to help someone else!  Working with young to senior doesn’t matter, everyone needs a healthy life and a happy life!

So I will try to get back to more writing!  I hope to share and inspire more to get healthy!