It’s hard talking about yourself all the time, I feel self- centered, lol.  Which is totally not me at all. So if you all have suggestions on topics you want me to write on or have questions with anything please message me.

I wanted to talk about in this blog, weight loss stages.  I have tried to remember everything I have done in the past as to workouts and foods.  It’s impossible to remember everything but I can remember stages of things I went through.  Whether it be feelings, foods or trouble with work outs.

Okay, the first stage I went through,

Weight loss really sucks.  It does.  I know I sound positive all the time in previous posts.  But we all know it just is not any fun!  I was hungry, crabby, tired and sore.  I didn’t have energy to do much of anything if I put a lot of effort in the gym.  But let’s be honest, I wasn’t doing much of anything if I wasn’t going to the gym, anyway.  I mean in my head, I would get agitated if I dropped something and had to pick it up, it was so much of an effort.  How did I overcome the sucky part of weight loss, well, I let it suck.  I knew that everything I was doing would be hard temporarily.  Okay, maybe I didn’t know it but I told myself that. With food I struggled because I was addicted to junk.  I loved chocolate, salty chips, sugary drinks (like sweet tea), desserts and as many things that contained carbs as I could find.  They would made me feel full. Commercials would really bother me too.  Food looked so good and I was hungry!  Not much you can do about the commercials except look away!  No matter what I did, I was hungry.  I just told my body, be happy with what I am eating and ignore the rest.

Next Stage.

I Can Do This! Working out, feeling great, eating is under control.  Good chunk of weight has come off!  Getting around easier, foods taste great! This stage is fun, exciting and rewarding.  Nothing is better than feeling successful and gaining confidence.


Plateau. Usually happens because your body is trying to save you from going into an emergency.  It will hold on to fat to store because it’s used to it.  You have to make changes in either foods or workouts to make it understand its okay to let it go.  Plateaus can last as long as a month.  They are frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking.  Forge through! You will get through it.

Back in Action.  Getting back to losing weight after plateaus are almost as rewarding as losing your first 10lbs!  Sometimes after a plateau (depending how much you change) you will lose 10lbs! Determination and patience pays off. I realized after a while if it weren’t for the plateaus, I wouldn’t understand why I needed to keep this weight off.  They made me work harder than I thought I could!

Maintenance. When my body had finally given all the weight it was going to, I had to be happy with it.  I am currently maintaining and strength training to tighten skin.  I still keep my cardio up, because it’s good for me and I enjoy it!  Maintenance is not easy, but necessary.  I have blog to follow just on this.

All of these stages are to prepare you for a life of conscious health.  No matter the stage you are on there is only one direction to go FORWARD.  Don’t give up.  Every stage has a reward, take it. Find out how strong you are! What better reward than self-worth?

Thank you for reading!